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Why chose a Insulated Replacement Tiled Conservatory roof from Roofline Design in York.

York Insulated Replacement Upgrade Tiled Conservatory Roofs.

With planning Consent, Internal dividing doors or walls can be removed

Endless Choice of External Finishes.

Endless Choice of Internal Finishes.

Comfortable all Year round living space.

LABC Registered (minimise building control checks and approval process).

We can Achieves a U-value of up to 0.15 in England and Wales and 0.15 in Scotland.

Optional roof ventilation.

Endless lighting configurations.

Free Survey and Quotation.

Registered Trustmark Company.

Fully Insured and Qualified.

Fair Trades Registered.

Insulated Tiled Roof Benefits

Do you have a Conservatory that is Too Hot in the Summer and Too Cold in the Winter?

Replace your Conservatory roof with a Tiled Insulated Roof from Roofline Design in York this Year.

A Roofline Design Roof is a complete replacement roof for your Conservatory and one of the only roofs available that can meet Building Control Certification.

A Roofline Design Roof will transform your conservatory from a part of your house that you can only use occasionally to a year round living space.


Giving a U-value of up to 0.15 it ensures that your living space retains heat in the winter and gives additional energy efficiency.


With its structural excellence A Roofline Design Roof can accommodate Fakro Windows, allowing ample light in and for ventilation in the summer.

A Roofline Design Roof will transform your energy costing Conservatory to an energy efficient Sun Lounge Room in York.


By simply installing a Insulated Tiled Roof as a replacement conservatory roof you will increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Have look at your options for internal and external finishes and tailor your new room to your liking.

Every Equinox Roof is designed and fabricated to the exact specification for your roof and is tailor built for your house.

With from only 3 Days needed to transform your old conservatory in York, there is minimal disruption for you to gain maximum use from your living space.

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